Things To Do, To Make God Answer Your Prayers Fast

Things To Do, To Make God answer Our Prayers Fast

Many people around the world at one time or the other have encountered a situation where they need God to answer their prayers fast, and here in this post I am going to reveal to you the secrets or rather, the things you need to do in order to make God answer your prayers fast.

Alright let's face it (Things To Do, To Make God Answer Your Prayers Fast)
 Before we start let's get a brief understanding of what prayer is all about.

What Is Prayer ?
 Prayer is simply a divine communication by man to God

People pray for various reasons, and it is usual for some people to get their answers before others while some may keep praying for long and may not get the expected answer and with time they dropout and seek for other alternatives (which would still fail them at the end).
 But right now I would show you things to do, to make God answer your prayers fast.
 Alright, let's leave the preamble and get started.


i Ensure That Sin Is Not Blocking Your Prayers:


This is what many people fail to understand, they fail to understand that God hates sin no matter how anyone tries to bend it.
 So now before you go to God to answer your prayers, you have to pray and ask God for mercy. Let Him cleanse you, so that your prayers could be answered.
 That's why the book of  James 5:16B says "The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working." So you see, it is necessary for you to cleanse yourself from sin and then you would see that God would answer your prayers fast.

 ii Go To God With A Good Approach:
Pray Right

 How do you approach God in prayers ? How do you start the prayers ? You cannot just be praying to God for the fruit of the womb, or husband or wife and you are sitting on your chair drinking juice and expect that God would speedily answer you, no ! It does not work that way, you need to approach God properly so that your prayers would be answered fast.

iii Make Sure You Pray With Faith:
Always Pray With faith

 What would be the need of you asking God for something and not believing that He would answer your prayers.
 So you see, faith is necessary, in order to get your prayers answered fast. When you believe that God would answer your prayers, it would surely come to pass speedily.
 That's why Hebrews 11:6 says "And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him."
 You see how important it is for anyone who is praying to have faith, It's just straight to the point: believe that God would answer your prayers and you see it coming to pass.

iv Pray As If Your Prayers Has Already Being Answered:
Imagine Your Prayers Had Being Answered

 This means that when you pray, you should see yourself at the middle of your miracle. For instance you are praying for a car, you would buy a keyholder and imagine your car key already in you key holder. With such act, it would be a means to show that you want your miracles to be answered speedily. Many people do these and their miracles happen as fast as ever, that's just a secret many people don't know.

v Spice Up Your Prayers:
Spice Up Your Prayers

 When I say spice up your prayers, I don't mean you should add other things to what you have already asked God, what I mean is that you should engage in praises, worship and also fasting. These are the things that would show God that you are serious of what you are asking Him.
 That's why you see in the book of Mark Chapter 9 where Jesus' disciples asked Him why they could not cast out demons from a boy and Jesus answerewd them in Mark 9:29 saying "And he said unto them, 'This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting'."
 So while we pray, we should add up praises and also fast in order for God to answer our prayers speedily.

Hope with these few words you must have seen things that we could do, to make God answer our prayers fast.
 Put them into practice and you would see that your prayers would be answered  by God speedily.
 Enjoy !

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