What's The Google Doodle ?

Karl Landsteiner
Photo souce: thevillagesuntimes.com
 Today the 14th of June, if you use google.com ,(in classic view or desktop version) you would realize that it's doodle appears to have a scientist with a lab coat in the lab.

 What's It All About ?
 Google said they want to remember "the man we may not know that saved millions of lives" with his discoveries.
 The name of the Scientist is Karl Landsteiner who discovered the existence of blood types  A, B, AB, O in 1901. Google just used the doodle in emembance of his 148th birthday today.
 History notes that in 1907 the first ever successful blood transfusion occured, as a direct result of his work, which led to advances in medicine, therapies and sugery.

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