7 Security Tips You Should Know As Far As You Are In Nigeria

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Here in this post, well an unusual post, I am going to reveal to you some 7 security tips you should know as far as you are in Nigeria, it does not matter whether you are an indigene or not.

 Security is every bodies business, so you should know some tips that will help prevent you from being a victim of criminals whether be it petty crime up to the level of terrorism, you don't have to be  a security personnel before you know this tips, it's general whether you are a male or female.

 This includes both cyber and real life crime, the other day I was in the bank when one girl said she received a text that she should send in her banking details, guess what she did...... she sent it to them, after some time she was receiving debit alerts  and her money was going small small,before she realized she was duped and came to the bank and that was when she started complaining that she thought it was the bank that asked for it... that was an unwise scenario.

 Yes, 10 security tips to know as far as you are in Nigeria. You should know this tips because crime evolves daily, new forms of crime evolves.
 The other one I heard  on social media was  that someone was called to come for an interview, without confirming the source, he left for the venue that was not related to the firm he applied the job, as he went there he was kidnapped and his family members were asked bring ransom before he would be released, so crime evolves daily that's why I am sharing this 7 tips you need to know as far as you are in Nigeria.

7 Security Tips  You Should Know As Far As You are In Nigeria

I am not listing it  based on the gravity but just randomly, so just get all 7 in mind, because this are security tips you need to know in Nigeria.

1. Don't attend Unconfirmed Meetings:

 You could be passing on the road and then someone gives you a flyer to attend a particular meeting, then giving you odd venues, do not attend such, make sure you are sure of it before you attend it. Some of them would in false pretence say it's a CHURCH activity or like the example I gave a JOB INTERVIEW, but be sure before you attend any meeting.

 2. Never Disclose Your Bank Identity To Unknown Message Requests:

This one is common, but many people still fall victim, just like the incident I earlier disclosed. It's very possible to change the header of the message to make it seem as if it is actually your bank that asked for it, but if you go to many banks they will always give you the warning to never disclose your bank identity to anyone including them, so make sure all your banking details are intact, before you wake up one day and realize that your account balance is empty, that one is what I can describe as "silent robbery".

3. Mind How You dump Your Personal Data on Social Media:

 Some people especially GIRLS will be disclosing and reporting every second that happens to them on social media, they are imitating their favourite celebrity...LMAO, they don't know that their favourite celebrity has personal guards following them around everywhere.
 Let me just give a fictional example: Beckky is a girl she posts every posture on social media, when she is in Abuja she posts that she is in Abuja when she is on her way to Calabar she will post that she is on her way to Calabar, when she is going to church  she will disclose the church she is going to (good), when she is going to the market she will tell the whole world she is going to the market, now when Mr. Bad Guy sees all these and has a plan to kidnap or defile her, does she has any hiding place ? NO !!! Because everyone knows her house, knows where she goes to market, knows when she returns back, knows almost everything about her life. So someone can just tell her about her life and she will be shocked asking "how do you know all these about me ?" It's all online!! So be careful how you disclose things on social media especially about your personal life. This is an important security tip we should know.

4. Be Mindful Of Where You Dump Your Personal Data:

 This is also another important tip, almost similar to the previous one I just mentioned but not the same shaa..Now let me inform you (For Nigerians) do you know that when you open a bank account, when you are admitted into the hospital or clinic, when you are admitted into  an educational institution, when you attend a Church for the first time, when you open a mailing account, when you create a social media account,when you register a SIM card, when you write a CV, when you create a licence, your personal data is being extracted ?, yes of course, for sure your personal data is required, many thing that pertain to our personal life is all deposited into all this databases and maybe sometimes we tend to forget, but do you know how valuable this data are ? Incase you don't know, things like your phone number, email address full name, home address, father's name, mother's name, next of kin, HIV status, marital status, disabilities, educational qualification, age and lot's more are contained there. So how does this relate to security ? all these data if just one of these databases get leaked your life would just be like an open stage where any body can watch and predict. So someone would just call you Mr. A you are this, you are that, we want you to send us N50K for this and that and because the person said everything correct about you, you fall prey for them and grant their request, this would be so bad. This is a very good security tip to know, I guess you have been enlighten, so protect your personal data. I guess I have talked plenty.

5. Don't Move Alone At Night:

This security tip is quite common, infact it is common, remember when your mother will be telling you not to walk alone at night . Some girls ,why am I using girls for examples? because they are the fragile class of individuals they are vulnerable to attack, but men could just be a man at such instance. Be security conscious, it's not even wise to move at night especially at security weak areas. So be security conscious everywhere not only at night but even at the day, because we have noted incidents where people have being robbed in broad day light and nothing happened. Be wise be security conscious.

6. Never Attend To Any Unwholesome Gathering:

 Sometimes you might be walking on the road by then some people will be in your front and some at your back then suddenly a gathering will just be formed and you will be tempted to go and look, not knowing that the crown there is a fake crowd to get one or two persons as victims before you know it someone beside you will point a knife or gun at you silently telling you release your personal belongings to them and you will have no choice than to give or they may go as far as stabbing you, so this security tip enlightens you not to join any gathering of people you are not sure of. It's even when you see people gathered that you should increase your pace when walking, so that you will not be victimized.

7. Pray Before Stepping Out: 

This is religious but important, the last but not the least, it is very important, because you have spiritual enemies who will send the physical enemies to victimize you, try to say a word of prayer to God to protect you from the hands of the enemies, so that you will be saved and when you return from where you went to, still thank God, because many things are happening almost everyday we hear that people die, prayer is necessary, pray PRAY PRAY!! . Even if it is a simple short prayer of protection from God, let Him guide your steps and protect you from the evil ones. When you thank God for life at a new  day, He will be provoked not to allow anyone hurt you, just like the book of Psalms 18:3 says "I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised;so shall I be saved from my enemies.

So I hope I have being able to enlighten you with this 7 security tips you should know as far as you are in Nigeria., there are more to this but practice this first.
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