How Many Goals Did You Score In The first Half Of 2016 ?

2016 goals
It's true that 2016 has gone by six months and I know many people did set goals that they would achieve in the year 2016, when the year was still fresh. But we have to ask ourselves this question; How many goals have I achieved in the first half of 2016 ?

 If you reflect on this question and look back, you will then know if you are far from achieving them or you just need to put some things in place in order to achieve them.
 Lets say, for instance you said in 2016 that you will quit drinking and smoking or say you will improve your business, in your work or in your academics and you realize you have not done anything, you will then improve.
 Don't wait for anyone to make things right, don't wait for your family, friends or government to make yourself a better person, start it yourself.

 You have gifts that God deposited in you, discover it and make good use of it and it will yield massive profit.
 Be hardworking and aim higher, just like 2 Chronicles 15:7 says "Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded."
Work towards achieving your dreams in the second half of 2016 and you will surely make it.
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