How Security Robot Accidentally Hit A 16-Month Old Baby In The US

Latest Knightscope robot
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A 16-month old baby named Harwin Cheng has being attacked by a security robot in a Supermarket in California, US.

 The mother of the child while narrating what happened, told ABC that the robot hit her sons head and the boy fell on the floor and the robot did not stop.

 The developers of the robot, Knight scope responding to this apologized for the accident and narrated a different story saying "A child began running towards the machine."
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 "The machine veered to the left to avoid the child, but the child ran backwards directly into the front quarter of the machine, at which point the machine stopped and the child fell on the ground."

 Continuing they said "The machine's sensor registered no vibration alert, and the machine motors did not fault as they would when encountering an obstacle."
 The luck was that there was no serious injuries but the child left with swelling on his right leg.
 This now throws concern, that robot developers should ensure proper testings of their bots before unleashing it to the public, but the developers of this robot said the robot "has been operated for over 35,000 hours and covered more than 25,00 mile without any reported incidents.
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