How To Get Brands/Companies To Advertise On Your Blog/Website In Nigeria and Beyond

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 Are you a Blogger,Web Master or you manage an active mobile app and you are looking for brands  that will actually turn your hard earned traffic to profit, then search no more for I will give you tips and tell you how to get brands/companies to advertise and run promotions on your blog.

 I will tell you, so that with than you can be earning millions, instead of waiting for some adnetwork that will be giving you small small dollars upon all your hard work.

 I chose Nigeria as a case study although any body from any where  in any part of the world can use this tips and strategy I will share, because there are millions of blogs and bloggers in Nigeria who have good traffic and still have the

mentality of waiting for 8 years before they make good money from their blog, they just stick to one ad network that they feel is the best, (note: adnetworks give you only 60% average of what you should be getting from advertisers) that's not just ok for a blog/website or mobile app with good traffic, because Jackie Chan used 15 years to become famous does not mean you too will wallow for 15 years, get started now.

First I would like you to understand some things, the things are in this three tips I would share below, which you should possess before you can get brands/websites to advertise or make promotions on your blog/website or app.

Tips To Get Brands To Advertise On Your Blog/Website/App

1.  Good Traffic:
 For you to be able to get brands to advertise on your platform, you must have good traffic, you cannot be having 200 daily page views and expect a multi-billion dollar company to come and promote their products with you, that's not appropriate. You must have huge tonnes of traffic, "traffic is necessary", some of my guys don't understand this, they think it's so easy. although it's actually easy when you do the right things.

2.  Interactive Platform:
Your blog/website/app must be interactive, so even if your blog has 1 billion views and nobody comments on your posts or their is no engagement, it's as good as nobody visited you, of course your visitors are not dump , that they can't drop comments or be engaged. That's why unique content is way necessary, even if you are a copy cat blogger, you are just telling your audience that you are a clone of the other blog which you are exactly copying from.
 Your platform should be able to have good interaction, people should be able to air their views. that's when brands and companies can be able to have that confidence that people really really visit your platform. That's why brands prefer to run ads on social media, because of the engagement they  get.

3.  Consistency/Trust:
You must update your platform as frequent as possible, depending on your niche when your visitors know the frequency at which you post content they would always have that trust to come back for more, and they would trust you that any thing you put there is authentic and well set by you. So let it not be that, when the brand gives you materials to promote (video, images, links) and then that is when you will take your leave in blogging, no it's not so, that's when you should work harder so that other brands and your audience can see that you are not just in for the money.

Now let' get into the main topic "how to get brands and companies to advertise on your blog, website or app, or we can re-phrase it as how to get companies to run promotions on your blog/website or app.

There are actually different ways you can do this, but am going to share to you this three powerful ways to get brands/companies to advertise on your blog/website/app

How To Get Brands/Companies To Advertise On Your Blog/website In Nigeria (and Beyond):

1. Use their Contact Page to Reach Them:

 Brands have contact pages such as Facebook contact us section, Twitter handles, Phone numbers and e-mails on their official company website. Instead of walking around and stressing yourself, you can stay at the comfort of your home or workplace and just reach out to them, if it's through email, you will write a convincing post telling them to promote their brands on your platform. Tell them that your platform has all it takes to move their business to the next level, inform them about those three factors I listed above. Introduce e-marketing to them, because many brands do not know about e-marketing, maybe you can convince them. Tell them how genuine you are, and I am sure if you write to 20 companies at average 10 will look up to you. So now if they are paying N500k for a month imagine 10 companies pay you N500k... you know the answer...
 So you have to write, tweet and call them. You have to contact these companies, you don't have to wait for 7 years or more before you start making good money, wake up and start eating money, if and only if you have met those conditions I listed above.

2. Meet the Brands and Companies Physically:

 This is more realistic, because you get immediate response and their is a one on one relationship between you and the firm. But you won't just go there like a savvy person that is deeply in need of,money, you will dress corporately like a big man or big woman if you have  car drive there, if you don't, use a private cab.. LMAO, speak authoritatively to whoever you are conversing with be it the marketing Manager or General Manager.
 Speak up to them convincingly, telling them about those three conditions I stated earlier, tell them you will turn their businesses around, tell them sweet things that you will achieve, that will make them salivate, when they hear you.. If you visited 20 firms that day, I am telling you that 16 will turn you on to advertise their business on your blog, website or app... This method of getting brands to advertise on your platform is great.

3. Collaborate With Brands Through Affiliate Marketing Programs:

This method may be twisty, but if you are hardworking and you know your way, you can make millions from here. This is because it's very flexible, you can even go as far as begging your readers to purchase items from the brand you are promoting and their's no crime in that, compared to adnetworks that doesn't even want you to see the ads you place on your site. It all depends on your niche, presently there's Jumia's affiliate that is going on and also Konga's  affiliate program, you can CLICK HERE.
 Like I said earlier, affiliate marketing involves hard work, you just have to sign up with the brand you want to promote and give them direct sales. That's why good traffic is necessary, not just good traffic but targeted traffic. Let me give you an example, if your blog talks about gadgets, phones, computers, all about tech and you work with Konga based on their electronics section that is specialized on gadgets, electronics and appliances , you can make millions easily. You can just become a millionaire !!! Isn't that awesome ? But you must be hard working and you must have the power to convince people, that's why your readers got to trust you.
 Why did I say You can make millions through this means ?
 I said so because your audience are interested in you posts that talks about tech related issues and electronics and they can easily trust you. In case you feel like working with Konga in it's affiliate program that PAYS YOU CLICK HERE.

Let me tell you something, there are thousands of big brands in Nigeria and around the world that want their business exposed at all cost, you have traffic and good response, you can become greater than where you are, don't wait for some one ad network that is making billions and giving a little dollars to you and you are satisfied, saying that "after 7 years I can start making it via blogging" , which after 7 years ?... Start making money today !!, most of the famous Webprenuers you hear of didn't choke their selves on an adnetwork to pay them in dollars, they worked for brands and it boosted them, START NOW. Musicians are there, actors are there, TV presenters, even Radio presenters are their making money as ambassadors and you are behind your laptop waiting for **** to pay you in dollars, don't wait, start making it, make a move.
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