Muslim Youths Terrorizes Catholic Church Members On Friday, Says Friday Belongs to Them Alone For Worship

Muslim fighting Christians in Nigeria
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A surprising incident happened on Friday as Muslim youths returning from their prayers angrily attacked a Catholic church in Niger State, with the motion that Friday belongs to them alone for worship.

 The set  of Muslim youths reportedly attacked the people at the St. Philip's Catholic church in Niger state, leaving the Church premises in disorder.

 According to source;the youths attacked the Church, destroyed windows, instruments and other valuables while the Christians ran for their lives so that they would not be killed.

 Dailypost hs it that Reverend Father Luka Sylvester Gopep, the Vicar-General of Diocese confirmed the incident saying"Sometime around 2pm some Muslim youths in their hundreds left their Mosque after their Friday Jumat prayer and rushed to the church premises, climbed the wall and destroyed everything in the Church: the windows, the alter, musical instrument, the chapel."  
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