2 Teenagers Die, Others Injured After A Nightclub Shooting

Club Blu shooting in Florida
Photo source: mirror.co.uk
A sad incident happened on Monday at a nightclub in Foot Myers, Florida, USA as 2 teenagers were killed and about 16 others were injured after a shooting.

Nightclub shooting at Florida
Photo source: abcnews.go.com

 According to NewYorkTimes; Police Officers were called to the nightclub named Club Blu, in a Palm-tree lined strip mall in south western Florida City at about 12:30 am on Monday.
 Captain Jim Mulligan of Florida Police Department said "they arrived to see several victims suffering from gunshot wounds" in the club's parking lot.

 Relevant authorities identified the two victims that were killed  as Archilles a 14 year old and Stef'An Strawder an 18 year old.

 According to eye witness stories, the shooting started immediately after the nightclub party as people were going back to their homes.
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