Researchers Discover App Found In Google Play Store That Peeps At People's Photos, Videos

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Research has shown that there is an app in the Google Play Store, that can see photos and videos in your phone, without your knowledge.

 According to GrahamCluley, Symantec's Shaun Aimoto discovered it saying that the app "HTML Source Code Viewer, developed by Sunuba Gaming, poses as a development tool."

 That in real sense, the app basically sends files stored in an Android phone's standard image and videos location to "" (which is a web server hosted in Azerbaijan). So it could view your photos and videos, without authorization.

The Threat
Of course, you should know that when the app snoops into the photos or videos you should have considered private, it could be used for blackmailing, ransomware attacks, pornography and many other attacks, just be careful while downloading apps from the Google Play store, to avoid being a victim of one this malicious apps.
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