Samsung Has Unveiled The First UFS Memory Card In The World, the One That Will Replace Our MicroSD Memory Card

UFS memory cards
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Samsung the electronic maker, has unveiled the first UFS memory cards that would in the nearest future become a successor to the microSD Memory cards we use.

 Many would ask "what is UFS ?" UFS is the short form of Universal Flash Storage, it's a kind of flash storage that is aimed at bringing higher data transfer speed and increased reliability to flash storage.

 This Samsung's UFS storage capacity involves 32,64,128 or 256 gigabytes and it performs very fast. The UFS memory cards have a read speed of up to 530 megabytes per second which is five times faster than any microSD card.
Latest types of UFS cards
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 Samsung has not announced it's availability and price, the card's design is not even compatible to phones except ones that will come in thee future. 
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