Security Research Shows That Oscram Light Bulbs Could Be Vulnerable To Hack

Internet bulb by Oscarm
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A Cyber security research has shown that there are some vulnerabilities in a range of internet-connected light bulbs produced  by Oscram called Lightify.

 The research was conducted by Deral Heiland from Rapid7 and he reported it to the manufacturers (Oscram).
 According to him, he said practical "exploitation effects ranging from the accidental disclosure of sensitive network configuration information, to persistent cross-site scripting (XXS) on the web management console, to operational command execution on the devices themselves without authentication " can be done.

 Oscram responding to this, said in a statement that "Since being notified about the vulnerabilities identified by Rapid7, Oscram has taken actions to analyse, validate and implement a risk-based remediation strategy."
 They said the problem would be fixed in August, but 4 of the issues will remain unpatched.
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