See The New Glass Technology that Can Prevent Your Phone Screen from Cracking When It Falls

Latest Gorilla Glass
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A glass producing firm named Corning Inc has launched a new model of it's Gorilla Glass for smart phones named Gorilla Glass 5, that can reduce level of damage a phone gets when it falls off.

Latest Corning Glass
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 According to them, the glass can survive more than 80% of drops from a height of 1.6 metres. Since most phones usually drop at waist and shoulder level, they made a laboratory test on that and they said their glass survived the falls.
 Smartphone makers are to start making use of the gorilla glass 5 for their devices in later months.
 Cracking of smartphone screen's screen has always being an issue for smartphone users and with Gorilla Glass 5, their will be lesser troubles when your smartphone drops on the ground. So expect to see it in one of Apple or Samsung's latest devices coming soon.
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John said…
That's a cool one there
Otom said…
So my smartphone will not break abi ?

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