Tesla Car Crash on Sunday and the Controversy

Latest Tesla car
Photo source: blog.nvidia.org
Tesla is an electric car manufacturing firm based in California, US. One of it's customer's car crashed recently on Sunday when he engaged auto-pilot which will now cause controversy.

 However, there was luck this time around because both the driver and the passenger did not have scratch, compared to the first crash that happened in May where the driver of the car died eventually.

The driver's car actually crashed when he engaged autopilot. This is now a controversy.
 Could it be that Tesla's self driving feature has a fault ?
 But the firm had earlier announced that drivers using the autopilot feature, should not just be too loose because the car controls itself but should be engaged, incase of any fault and the likes, but the question what happens when the driver becomes distracted ?

 The US government is presently probing Tesla over the previous crash which led to the death of a driver.
Latest black Tesla car
Photo source: inhabitat.com

 Just a little more about Tesla: Tesla is an electric car, which means it needs no petrol (gasoline) to be powered, it's battery lasts for at least 230 miles (370km) before it would be needed to be charged.
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