Toyota C-HR and JBL Partners To Produce Better Audio Systems

Latest Toyota C-HR
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Toyota has announced in it's blog  that it's Toyota C-HR team will partner with an audio specialist named JBL in order to produce a "powerful new audio system" that will be made for it's acoustic environment.

Toyota Coupe-High Rider
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 Toyota C-HR has not being made available for commercial sale and Toyota wants to make sure it has a good sound system. The Toyota C-HR stands for "Coupe-High Rider" and the way we see it, it's design will be killer cute.
Toyota C-HR interior
Photo source: Toyota Blog

 Toyota said the C-HR was designed so that numerous elements of the interior right from the windows, sunroof, upholstery and also the body structure surrounding each speaker will not compromise it's audio quality.
 "We believe the Toyota C-HR will offer the best and most punch audio sound quality in it's class" said Toyota.

 According to them, the JBL made audio system consists of an eiht-channel, 576 Watt stereo amplifier and nine speakers which also include two newly patented acoustic wave guides, known as horn tweeters."
 With the description of the audio system, it seems this Toyota C-HR will be cool for a ride.
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