Toyota Launches A New Kind Of Window That Is Very Light

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Toyota , the automaker has embedded a new kind of window, it's lighter than usual, they say it would reduce the weight of cars by 20 kg if i is used i all their cars.

 But this was first used in their sports GRMN version of the Toyota GT86 which was released in January.
 The new window is formed as a result of a tough, thermoplastic window with the optical clarity of glass.In their blog, they said the window is "made from poly-carbonate material coated with a new plasma-based resin."

 The new window they brought is by far lighter than the normal glass window we know, Toyota said the "Poly-carbonate windows are typically around 50% lighter than glass and have much higher impact resistance which is why they are popular in motor sports."

Adding that "despite these advantages, the optical performance of regular poly-carbonate material is inferior to glass and has not been able to meet global regulations for driver visibility."
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 They also said this technology could make windows take on additional functions in the future, which includes having aerodynamic features such as spoilers and airflow separators, and also scalloped to house door handles and light units."
 This technology would be pretty cool, as it opens another door of technology in the automobile world.
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