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Here comes a great way for Publishers, Web masters and Bloggers to earn money from their website or blog, as Alternative Adverts is here to give you what you want.

 Making money online with you blog or website has just got better with Alternative Adverts, as Alternative Adverts serves as one of the best alternative you need to start making money from your traffic.

 Let's know some things about Alternative Adverts: Alternative Adverts is a "leading" Nigerian online advertisement portal that you could use to boost your income from your website/blog by creating an account with them as a publisher.
 It's easy to create an account with Alternative adverts, here's the website address ( and the publisher dashboard is so easy to navigate and get you started.

 Alternative Adverts office is located in 53 Rasak Balogun Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
 You would earn money from Alternative Adverts by showing text/banner and also video adverts on your website/blog.
 Alternative Adverts runs Pay Per Click (PPC) ad programs and also Cost Per Mile (CPM) programs, which has being testified to be very good at pay, just like Google Adsense.

 So far, over 50 million websites/blogs including top websites/blogs have used Alternative Adverts platform to generate revenue from their traffic.
 You too can earn money through this online advertising platform that  serves as the best "alternative platform" you can use in monetizing your blog or website.
  So do not hesitate to SIGN UP as a publisher in Alternative Adverts and start making money. It's just so easy, no need for long time approvals, CLICK HERE to sign up for Alternative Adverts, to be part of the great publishers earning big from this online ad network.

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Mr. Paul Kola explains how he got 50% of his revenue after investing it in this profitable platform


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