How 17 Year Old Girl, Blessing Adaeze Died In Calabar After Visiting Sugar Daddy

Blessing Adaeze Nnamani
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This is the full story of how a 17 year old girl named Blessing Adaeze Nnamani, who schooled at the University of Calabar (UNICAL) died after going out with a sugar daddy, which has being the trending talk of the town since the incident happened in this past week.

 Here you are going to read the full gist of how it happened and what really came up before the sad but educative incident.
 Firstly lets know a little about the deceased, she is Blessing Adaeze Nnamani from Nkanu Local government area of Enugu state, she lived in White House Street, Calabar South, Cross River State. She is a year two diploma student of the University of Calabar (UNICAL), Cross River State. She was known as one of the "prettiest" girls in her class.

What Really Caused Blessing Adaeze's Death

According to sources; Blessing Adaeze Nnamani went out with a man believed to be her sugar daddy with an exotic SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) in the evening of Sunday 1st of July 2016 and she was brought back late in the night to her residence in White House Street, Calabar South, when she came back with packages from the man who took her out.
 People who were close to her revealed that she was vomiting blood profusely and before she could be rushed to the hospital on Monday 1st of August, 2016, the 17 year old Blessing Adaeze passed away.

 The real cause of her death was not known but people (in White House street) alleged that she must have being poisoned by the sugar daddy that took her out and was used for money rituals.
 According to people in her environs she was "warned" by her Pastor not to go out that Sunday night  but she didn't listen to the instruction that was given.

Did She Know The Man ?

Her friends very close to her stated that Blessing Adaeze met the man a few days back before the incident happened. It's actually common to see young girls (who are in the higher institutions) play around calling it "runs game". Meaning that they go around looking for men that will take them out and in return give them money and goodies but in this case it is alleged to be an exchange for rituals.
 The 17 year old Blessing Adaeze Nnamani was sadly buried in her home town in Enugu state on Wednesday 3rd of August 2016.
 Her family of course would be sad of her departure, including her friends. Most of her friends expressed their sadness on social media which were speculating on the fact that she was "gone too soon". Those are some of the placards and posters you would be seeing most of the time when a young girl or boy refuses to heed instructions and understand that all that glitters is not gold.

Lessons to Learn

This now poses to be a lesson to young people most especially girls in the the tertiary institution, that they should avoid following men most especially "dating men that is way older" (according to Falz) and that they should be focus in their studies.In my earlier post I stated the importance of listening to good instructions.
 Life is too short to be wasted on frivolities, study, chase your dream and be an accomplished person. Many destinies are cut short in the tertiary institution. I hope late  Blessing Adaeze's case would serve as a lesson to the young people.

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