Research Shows How A Vulnerability Affects Almost A Billion Android Devices

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An android vulnerability known as QuadRooter has being identified by some researchers which could give cyber attackers the chance to have complete to a person's android phone. Imagine a vulnerability that affects close to a billion android devices !!

 The vulnerability was identified by Cyber security firm Check Point saying that it could affect around 900 million Android phones which allegedly included some devices made by BlackBerry Google LG and some others.
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 According to them the bugs are caused by vulnerabilities in the processor chips used by US based firm Quadcomm in those phones and allows a hacker to create a malicious software which can do almost anything on the phone, although it has not being proven if the deficiency has being exploited by hackers.

 Quadcomm reacting to this said "We were notified by the researchers about theses vulnerabilities between February and April of this year and made patches available for all four vulnerabilities to customers partners and the open source community between April and July."
 So you just need to keep updating the software in your phone, most especially the security apps so that you don't fall victim of common security breaches.

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