Scientists Develops First Self-Destructing Battery

self-destructing battery
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A team of scientists at Iowa State University have developed Lithium-ion battery that can "self-destruct" (ie. dissolve on it's own).
 According to the Scientists, when you drop it in water, the polymer casing swells, breaks apart the electrodes and dissolves away, this happens within 30 minutes.

 The battery is capable of delivering 2.5 volts and dissolving within 30 minutes when dropped in water. The battery can power a desk top calculator at a duration of 15 minutes.
 This technology is powered by a new field of studies called "transient electronic",which specializes in making electronic devices that can self-destruct.

 The Scientists who developed the technology revealed that it's "unlike conventional electronics that are designed to last for extensive period and undergo fast and ideally complete self-deconstruction and vanish when transiency is triggered."
 Roza Montazami, an Iowa State University assistant Professor of mechanical engineering and an associate of the US Department of energy Ames Laboratory, who has been working on transient technology for some years (One of the developers), stated that "Any device without a transient power source isn't really transient.
 "Any device without a transient power source isn't really transient.

"This is a battery with all the working components. It is much more complex than our previous work with transient electronics."
 According to him, the battery components structure, and electrochemical reactions are very close to commercial developed battery technology.

With the use of self-destructing electronic devices, the military could use this technology to keep their secret away from their enemies, medically, it could save patients the pain of removing a medical device in their body, environmentally, self destruct technology could allow environmental sensors to wash away in the rain.

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