Usain Bolt Thanks Fans As He Ends His Olympics Career

Usain Bolt at Olympics
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After Usain Bolt anchored his teammates to win the 4 by 100 meter relay race, the Jamaican-Born Sprinter is now confirmed to have won his third gold medal of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

 Usain Bolt's Jamaican team finished the lap with a time space of 37.27 seconds, following was Japan who finished at 37.60 seconds, after the U.S was disqualified over late exchange of the baton.

 Usain Bolt now has a total of nine gold medals in all three Olympic Games he has particpated in.
Usain Bolt is gong to clock 30 years by 21st of August, which is Sunday. The Sprint  runner took to his Twitter page and thanked his millions of fans, saying "My fans you guys never doubted me a min and for that I belong to you guys forever #blessed", I guess if Twitter permitted he would has added some few more words to that.

 Speaking to Journalists after ending his Olympics career, he said "There you go, I am the greatest. I've worked hard every Olympics to win three gold medals, so I am just happy that I have accomplished so much."
 He added that "It's a relief, but I am also sad that I have to leave. This is my last one."
 This was a great career for the talented racer and he has to end it this way.

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