One Dies, several Injured As Hausa and Fulani Boys Clash

Hausa Fulani Clash
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Some Hausa youths have reportedly engaged in a fight at an Abattoir in the Agege area of Lagos State, which led to the death of one person and leaving several others injured.

 An abattoir is supposed to be a facility or place where animals are slaughtered for human consumption, but some Hausa and Fulani youths did otherwise.

 According to the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad (RRS), who were deployed to the scene, they tweeted with their Twitter handle @rrslagos767 that "One killed, scores sustained machete wounds as Hausa and Fulani youths engage themselves in Abattoir, Agege".

The cause of the clash was rumored to be caused as a result of a Fulani man beating up an Hausa girl and she reported it to her Hausa members and some Hausa youths angrily came and started exchanging words with the Fulanis, then the exchange of words later became bloody as they used dangeroius weapons against each other and as a result of this an Hausa youth died and others sustained injuries.

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