JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2016: All You Need To Know

Jumia Black Friday 2016
Jumia, one of Nigeria’s top online shopping platforms has promised that the 2016 season of the Black Friday which comes up on the 14th of November will be  something that would make its customers really happy (Nigerian Amazon).
 Many had already began asking for Jumia’s Black Friday 2016 date and it’s all here as I would be giving you the gist about everything that is involved in the Jumia Black Friday 2016.

 Jumia announced that they would be giving their customers a 70 percent discount sales of most of its products, this deal lasts from Monday, November 14th to Friday November 25th, 2016. This is a whole 12 days of shopping excitement.
 You can get your favourite products from Jumia and you will have huge discounts of  up to 90% off and the categories include fashion, electronics, phones, computers, home appliances, baby products, and health and beauty products.
 The Head of Marketing, Jumia Nigeria, Simone Bartlett confirmed this saying “this year’s Jumia Black Friday features an online giveaway for every customer who spends N10,000 and above. Lucky customer winners will win an iPhone 7, a PS4 Console, two economy class Etihad tickets and two business class tickets.”
 You heard from the horse’s mouth, great deals and giveaways for Jumia shoppers.
 You have to prepare yourself for this offer by book marking the Jumia's website by CLICKING HERE, so that you will easily view the Jumia website on the day of the Jumia Black Friday deals.
 I have given you the gist about the Jumia Black Friday and now I will be showing you how to buy from Jumia.

Many people have heard of the Black Friday and now they would be asking how to place an order on Jumia or even how to do account registration on Jumia, now I would give you the step by step guide on how it should be done.
 On a quick glance, you have to first visit JUMIA.COM by CLICKING HERE, then you select and search for the product of your choice.
 These are the step to buying things from Jumia:
1.     Login To jumia.com :
You will do this with any social media platform that you choose or by simply creating an account, most people prefer to use Facebook in opening their Jumia account.

2.     Provide A Billing/Delivery Address:
You will also provide a billing and delivery address where your goods will be delivered. You will also insert your phone number where necessary in order to verify your orders.
 This will enable one of Jumia’s representative to make a confirmation call after a few hours of placing order.

3.     Select Your Mode Of Delivery:
In this, you are given two options, which are:
i.                   Regular Shipping  ii. Pickup Stations

i.                   Regular Shipping: This involves shipping the product you ordered for to the shipping address which was provided by you and delivery could be same day or within 1-4 working days. This depends on your location and the delivery may differ which depends on the item and even your location.
ii.                 Pickup Stations: In this, you will have to go to the Jumia’s pickup station that is nearest to you and you just have to get the product you ordered for and another good thing is that you pay cash after getting your product and reviewing it.
4.     Choose Your Mode Of Payment:
This is the most interesting part because everyone wants to know how to pay for the goods they ordered from Jumia.
 Currently Jumia accepts two methods of payment. i. Pay on Delivery ii. Credit Card Payment (ATM Card).

i.                   Pay on Delivery: This is the mode of payment that many Nigerians like, because  many Nigerians are scared of online scammers and they may not like to reveal their banking details online. Jumia has made it easier for you to buy goods online by allowing you to receive your goods at your doorstep before paying.
ii.                 Credit Card Payment: This mode of payment entails that you pay for goods you ordered for by using your credit card.
After selecting payment option, you can pay using Verve, Naira Mastercard, Visa Card, Quckteller, International cards, pay with Paga or even First Bank’s Credit Card.
 After selecting, you will be redirected to a secured portal where you have to input your card number ( which is the sixteen digit numbers at the front of your credit card), the expiry date which  is also there will be entered, the CVV/Security code which is behind our credit card will also be entered.
 For further security reasons, you will be asked to provide some more information like a One-time Password (OTP). After all these processes click on “Make Payment” to confirm the order you have placed on Jumia and have your goods delivered to you.

 When you navigate through Jumia’s website, you will discover that there are buttons on how to add items to cart and also how to cancel an order.
 You don’t have to hesitate to shop on Jumia as it is one of the most visited platforms in Nigeria and they record huge sales from Nigerian daily. Now that Jumia is giving huge discount, you have to shop on Jumia today. You can place your order and get it delivered to you.
So what would you like to buy from Jumia ?
Many people already shop on Jumia for dresses, shoes, laptops, clothes and many other items.

Here are the categories:
·        Electronics
·        Computer
·        Health
·        Phones
·        Men’s Clothing
·        Women’s Clothing
·        Men’s Shoes
·        Women’s Shoes
·        Accessories
·        Home Appliances

CLICK HERE TO SHOP ON JUMIA and enjoy your Black Friday Shopping on Jumia.

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