BREAKING: Obudu and Tivs Engage In War

Obudu and Tiv War
A source has revealed that there has being a resumption of a longtime war between the people of Obudu of Cross River State and neighboring Tivs in Benue State.
 It was rumored that the Tivs were preparing to attack the Obudu people, so some communities in Obudu started getting ready to defend themselves.
 According to CrossRiverWatch, an eyewitness revealed that ‘there are no reports of casualty yet but the gunshots are every intense and this started only minutes ago. There is no security presence of any form on the ground yet but the police in Obudu are sure aware of what is going on because the gunshots are audible even from the police station which is not far from here.”

People are running and scampering for safety and there is a lot of uncertainty in the air.”