Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will warn You About sending sensitive Data over Malicious Connections

Tech firms Google and Mozilla are taking in new steps to warn internet users about sites that are vulnerable to hacking.

It would be in the latest update of Chrome and Firefox, (which are versions 56 and 51 respectively) users will be told they are submitting sensitive information over insecure HTTP connections, rather than the safe HTTPS protocol.
In Firefox 51, which was released this week, Mozilla added a grey lock icon with a red strike through it on HTTP sites asking users for their passwords.
 Initially, the browser just showed no lock icon in the instances and a green lock to indicate a HTTPS connection. Then when a user clicks on the lock, it says “Logins entered on this page could be compromised.”

In Chrome 56, which is expected to be out soon, the warning is more prominent and appears for HTTP sites asking not only for login information, but also credit card details.