Owojela’s Blog Is Now On .Com Thanks To Jacob Akpene

owojela's blog
Today marks a great day in the journey of Owojela’s Blog as we move from owojela.blogspot.com to owojelasblog.com. This came earlier than we expected.

 This happened as a result of a personality that choose to be generous and it’s no other person than Jacob Akpene, the Founder of Lasgidi Online (lasgidionline.com.ng) and Jacob Akpene Blog (jacobakpene.com)
He gave the domain owojelasblog.com free of charge and the set up was also free. This article is just to give a warm appreciation to Jacob Akpene and also my esteemed readers for your kind gestures and patience in visiting my .blogspot.com domain.

 Owojela’s Blog promises to come back to life bigger, better and brighter. Thank you Akpene Jacob for this great thing you have done and also my esteemed readers, Owojela’s Blog will keep going higher and higher.
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