Akwa Ibom Plans to Establish Coconut Refinery and Toothpick factory

The Akwa Ibom State Government has announced its plan to establish a coconut refinery and toothpick factory which is part of their strategies to attract more investors to the state, in order to create jobs that will boost the economy of the state.

 Mr. Charles Udoh, the state’s Commissioner for Information and Strategy, announced this saying, the state government had planted about two million coconut trees as part of the plans to establish a coconut refinery in the state.
 He said the era of depending on huge allocations from the Fedral Government was over, advising state governments to learn how they can expand their internal revenue bases.
Mr. Udoh said “Some people have asked the question on why we are not cultivating vegetables or planting what others are planting. The truth of the matter is that this is just a precursor to the establishment of a coconut refinery in the state.
“I don’t need to explain to you how many things could be derived from coconut through refining. You can also imagine how many jobs will be created in the process.”
“Our plan is to create structures that will outlive our administration. When you make a business the business of government, the venture will not survive after the administration. When you allow investors to operate it, you have created the opportunity for the business to be sustainable after your administration.”

He also added that “We must establish a toothpick factory because Nigeria currently imports toothpicks from China. We are not importing the materials; they will be sourced locally.” 
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