Nigerian Man Swallows 90 Wraps of Cocaine An attempt to Smuggle It

The Narcotics Control Bureau Investigators have arrested a Nigerian man identified as Okonkwo M Tony for allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine into the country after swallowing 90 capsules filled with the drug.

He was apprehended a few days ago, after he landed at Delhi’s India Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.
 Okonkwo  was admitted to a hospital of the Delhi Zonal unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). The officials said he has ejected 90 cocaine-filled capsules weighing 1.3 kg in two days.
 An official said “He was admitted at a hospital and after medical intervention; he ejected the drug-filled capsules. He told investigators that he had swallowed these at a guest house in Lagos and then reached Addis Ababa through Lome (Togo).
He was apprehended as soon as he landed here from the Ethiopian capital.”

They said the method of smuggling after swallowing the drug is not easy to detect as it could be hard to find out if there is any concealment in the body.
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