How to Transfer Money From My First Bank Account to Other Banks With My Phone

How to transfer money from firstbank account to other banks

Do you seek for how to transfer money from your First Bank account to other bank accounts or even another First Bank account using your mobile phone? Then worry no more, as I would be giving you a straightforward guide with the firstbank transfer USSD Code that can be used to transfer or send money from your First Bank account to other banks.
With this method, you can use just any phone to make the transfer; even with a phone like Nokia torchlight which does not need data (internet connection) for you to send money to another bank account with your First Bank account.

First bank’s official USSD Code is *894# which can be used for many transactions which includes buying of airtime for self and for others, money transfer between your firstbank account and other banks, checking your first bank account balance and many others, but our focus here on this guide is to know how to transfer money from our first bank account to other banks.
first bank transfer code to other bank *894#

 Transferring money with your First Bank account on an ATM machine may be a little difficult, when you consider a situation where you could be in a queue or a situation where you may need to transfer such funds late in the night or even an entirely different situation where you have no data connection to make use of the firstbank mobile app.
When you consider all that has being stated above, you would realize that this method of transferring money from your first bank account to another bank account with your phone is a good one.
Now let’s head unto the main thing that brought us here, and it’s how to transfer money from your first bank account to other banks with your phone.


Following this instructions carefully, it would guide you on how you can use your phone to transfer/send money from your first bank account to another account.

*Firstly, you should confirm that you have enough balance before you attempt to make the transfer. You cannot say you want to transfer N15,000 to another account, when you know you have less than N15,000 in your first bank account, you just know it would not work.

*Secondly, you would dial the code *894*AMOUNT*DESTINATION ACCOUNT NUMBER# on the phone number you used in opening your first Bank account and send.
NOTE: “AMOUNT” is the quantity of money you want to transfer e.g. 15000, “DESTINATION ACCOUNT NUMBER” is the beneficiary account you are transferring the money. e.g. *894*15000*2310097653#

*Then you would select the destination bank of which you are making the transfer.
NOTE: If you are just using this service for the first time, you would be prompt to enter a 5 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you would be using to make transactions with the First Bank USSD code service, but if you have performed any transaction with the First bank USSD code before, be it to buy airtime or even to check your bank account balance, then you just have to enter the 5 digit PIN you created.

*The next thing you should do is to confirm the beneficiary’s name (the receiver’s name) that would pop up on your phone. This would happen before the transfer is done

*Once that is done you would then have to wait a little patiently to receive the debit alert on your phone.
NOTE: You can transfer an amount as low as N500 to any other bank account but the maximum single transaction is N100,000, One hundred thousand naira is also the maximum daily transfer limit.
That’s how easy it is to transfer money from your First Bank account to another bank account.
Do you know how to check your First Bank account balance? It is simple, just dial *894*00# to check your First Bank account balance on your mobile phone.
Technology has made a lot of things easy for us and stress-free, all that is needed is for us to learn the new ways of doing things and enjoy the benefits.
 Instead me stressing myself by going to stand in a long queue at the bank to transfer money via the ATM or even withdrawing the money and depositing the money at the destination bank, I would simply just pick my Nokia Torchlight phone and dial the USSD code and send the money to the beneficiary.

I hope with this tip, you now know how to transfer money from your first bank account to other bank accounts.