Jennifer Lopez Refuses to Let the Cat Out of the Bag on Drake’s proposal question to her

Jennifer Lopez a celebrity, who could be willing to disclose anything about her personal life, seems to be hiding a little about Drake’s proposal to her.

 As seen on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Wednesday, Lopez and Shades of Blue co-star Ray Liotta played a game of "Plead the Fifth." This time, however, the rules changed. Liotta was in the hot seat, but should he choose to plead the fifth, host Andy Cohen would turn his targeted questions to Lopez.
After revealing Sigourney Weaver was his worst onscreen kiss and Clint Eastwood was the most "overrated" actor of the 1980s, Liotta had to plead the fifth on naming his favorite and least favorite Lopez songs. Awkward!
"He's been to my Vegas show," Lopez noted. Ouch.
When he failed to name two, Liotta passed the torch over to Lopez. Cohen brought up how Lopez once revealed she had been proposed to five times, and he wanted to know to whom she said no—and that's when the fun began.
"Drake right?" the Goodfellas star chimed in, causing his TV co-star to turn beet red.

"Shhh, noo oh, oh my God, um...someone...ugh gahh I can't, I can't do it," she said. "I plead the fifth," the "On the Floor" songstress said. 
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