65 Year Old man Drags Wife to Court over Adult£ry

A man named Alaba Aigbe who is 65 years of age had on Friday dragged his 38 year old wife to an Ibadan Customary court sitting in Agodi that she used to se another man, says the court should dissolve the marriage.
 He testified that while he was on official assignment in Jigawa in 2006, he asked his typists to be collecting his salaries and give to his wife.
"Since the assignment will take a year to complete, I asked my typist to receive my salaries on my behalf and forward it to my wife because I didn't want her and the children to suffer."
"My typist used the opportunity to woo my wife and they started their affairs until 2007 when I returned home.
"I suspected the immorality when things turned upside down for my family and consulted a spiritualist.
"It was then that I got to know about the relationship between her and the typist.
"She confessed to me but said the typist only fingered her priv@te part on four different occasions when I was away."
In her defense, Veronica, who did not deny the allegation, said her husband was the cause of the incident, saying that she had warned her husband not to allow the typist come to their house.
 Veronica begged the court not to dissolve the marriage which was blessed with 7 children, saying she had suffered enough on top the issue.

The President of the Court, Chief Mukaila Balogun, dissolved the marriage and ordered the complainant to pay N17,000 to the defendant for her to pack her load.
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