Man Breaks His D*ck, In Order to Stop Seeing Women

A man named Andre Johnson has explained why he cut off his private part during a party and then jumped off a second-floor.

 He said he took the measure in view of the fact that his p£nis was out of control and that his 'interactions' with women had been "callous".
Johnson said "At the back of my mind, my issues were eating me. I was thinking my interaction with women have been just callous, no moral code.
"I said I will fix this problem that is causing me so much misery. That's when I think the insanity kicked in.
"I said, 'Yo, my d*ck is outta control. I need a vasectomy."
And then he went out to perform the vasectomy on himself.

He survived it when he cut of his private part in 2014.
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