Queen Elizabeth II meets with Her Elephant Namesake

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Whipsnade Zoo Tuesday and had the chance to meet the facility's nine Asian elephants and the veterinarians who take care of them.

One of the elephants is named in the queen's honor because she was born one day before her 90th birthday. She now resides in the new Center for Elephant Care at the Bedfordshire zoo. 
Professor David Field, director of the Zoological Society of London, said that Her Majesty was "absolutely delighted" to discover Elizabeth the elephant was named in her honor.
In addition to meeting her animal namesake, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip also met with 7-year-old Donna, who was more than happy to give the royals the happy welcome they deserve. But when Donna laid eyes on a banana, she gladly stuck out her trunk to take it from the queen's hands. The moment left Prince Philip chuckling as he then received the chance to give Donna a sweet treat.
Pleased with the attention, Donna even tried to nibble at Prince Philip's suit—perhaps trying to find some peanuts or more bananas!
After the royal couple's meet and greet with the elephants, they got down to official business. Patron of the Zoological Society of London, the queen, 90, watched the elephant team carry out daily care tasks such as nail filing before unveiling a plaque to open the new center.

She and the Duke of Edinburgh also met with the President of the ZSL as well as the director general.
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