So Now, Harry Styles Looks Back On His romance With Taylor Swift

As Harry Styles opens up about his relationships with Taylor Swift, what do we expect.
The two celebrities dated back in 2012 and their romance was highly documented in photos and in the media. And while the two haven’t spoke much about their romance.

Styles is looking back on their relationship in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.
One of the most memorable moments from #haylor relationship was their central Park date in New York City.
And in an interview with E!, He says “When I see photos from that day, I think relationships are hard, at any age” he explained.
“And adding that you don’t really understand exactly how it works when you are 18, trying to navigate all that stuff didn’t make it easier.”
Styles continued saying “I mean, you are a little bit awkward to begin with.

“You are on a date with someone you really like. It should be that simple right? It was a learning experience for sure. But at the heart of it, I just wanted it to be a normal date.”
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