Woman Gives Birth To Her Baby While On a Plane, Cabin Helped her Deliver Well

The Boeing 737 had already taken off from Guinea's capital Conakry to Istanbul, when the woman (who was 28-weeks pregnant) began experiencing labor pains, according to reports.
The cabin crew aboard a recent Turkish Airlines flight deserves one hefty round of applause after they helped successfully deliver one pregnant passenger's newborn daughter.

That's when a team of flight attendants and fellow passengers stepped in to assist the mother-to-be in welcoming the little girl, who was named Kadiju. Photos shared by the airline to their official social media accounts see crew members gathered around the woman and her baby.
"Welcome on board Princess! Applause goes to our cabin crew!" Turkish Airlines tweeted.
The unforgettable moment has since taken the internet by storm, and after being transported to a Burkina Faso hospital upon landing, both mother and child are said to be in good health.

Per its website, Turkish Airlines permits pregnant passengers to fly up until their 28th week of pregnancy. Any jetsetting past the 28-week mark requires a doctor's note approving the expectant mother is fit to fly.