Celebrity Couple Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva credits their marriage success to friendship and respect

If all Nigerian celebrity couples could be friendly and respectful..Just as we se as celebrity couple Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva have credited their marital success to their friendship over the years.

The couple made this known to HipTV about why they have remained scandal free as a celebrity couple.
According to Joke Silva,"Apart from being lovers, we are very good friends. We've learnt over the years to respect each other, and the respect keeps growing."
"Quite frankly, that's it," Olu Jacobs added, saying, "Friendship - that's the strongest and respect. You care about each other. We are lucky, and again we worked at it. You have to work."
These two have spent over 30 years together as a married couple.
Despite going through some rough times together, also witnessing the loss of a child, they have both still remained strong.

And the secret to their long-lasting marriage? They have also cited communication and trust to be one of the few factors that keeps their marriage going.
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