How Police Allegedly Caused Fatal Accident that Left 2 dead

A sad incident has happened on Saturday as a fatal accident involving two Toyota Camry cars 1999 and 2000 models occurred in Abuja.

 Two persons including a SARS police officer and a woman were killed in the accident which occurred along Gwarimpa Expressway.
 The driver of the second vehicle was rushed to a nearby hospital but in a critical condition.
 The SARS police officer believed to have been drunk and alegedly on drugs was making a U-turn on the expressway in a 'penciled-light' Camry car with REG NO-KEM 199 NP, when the oncoming vehicle rammed into him in high speed, leaving him and a lady in front of the second vehicle dead.

 During evacuation of the dead bodies from the two vehicles that were completely damaged, more than 10 packets of Tramadol were recovered from the vehicle of the SARS officer. Also recovered were some empty and unconsumed bottles of hot drinks.
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