[PHOTOS] 10 Year Old UK BOY Breaks the Internet with proMakeUp Photos

When you realize a beauty world, where a whole generation of artists has made their mark with unique and innovative make-up.
But one boy from the UK is turning heads not just because of his skills, but because he’s 10 years old.

 Jack, who posts on Instagram under the username @MakeuupbyJack, is a beauty prodigy.
His false lashes? Totally even. His highlight? Beaming. His eyes? Impeccably smoky.
As Refinery29 reports, Jack first hit viral status when his video was used as part of a Facebook meme. The caption, ‘You walk in to your son doing this, wyd?’
The question provoked some pretty close-minded responses, but more folks were more concerned about this young boy’s make-up mastery that, honestly, most adults wouldn’t be able to do, let alone pull off.
Jack currently has over 60,000 followers, but it’s not hard to imagine that this boy wonder has a long beauty career ahead of him.

Photos after the cut:

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