Popular Internet Marketer, Gerrad Chigozie Is Plus One, drops Long note after being on exile


Gerrad Chigozie is a popular name in world of internet marketing and photo/video editing in Nigeria and he was off for several weeks, this left many IMers in fear on his return to the internet on 30th of April he dropped a note to all entrepreneurs and today he clocks +1.
Digest his article below which he shared on his Timeline
While busy meddling with other people's business and affairs, who is taking care of yours? Where do you draw the line between your business and other people’s business?
Most times, we end up losing so many opportunities because we’re busy poke nosing into somebody else’s business, and in the process, leaving our own life and choices unattended to.
_When you walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders, you won’t be able to focus on yourself and your business. Instead, you’re focused outwardly, looking for ways to 'fix the planet.'
_As an Entrepreneur, your mindset is one of the principal factors that determine your success. You must always think strategically. These days much attention is given to solving short-term problems and implementing marketing tactics that will get stale within a short time. Long-term is always the target. Think of tomorrow, not just today.
_Use your present status as a milestone to determine what's ahead, where you're going and how to get there. This brings up the inevitable question: "Am I on the right path? Will this path I am threading upon lead to the actualizing of my startup or company's target/goal?"
_A good Entrepreneur is always open to multiple streams of income. You don't have to put all your eggs in one basket - that's part of having a business mindset. What happens when the bottom of your basket leaks and you have all your eggs it? All of them get broken and down you are, all the way from the top. I'm not saying you should be a jack-of-all-trade. You can be one and still be a huge failure. The point is, work towards having multiple streams of income you can comfortably manage.
_Be willing to take risks.
An entrepreneur that cannot take risks, is that one an Entrepreneur? I'm not saying you should take blind risks. EG: Investing in shady schemes like Ponzi, HYIPS and the likes of them. To succeed, you must be ready to take CALCULATED risks.
_There are no guarantees on any path to success in life or business. The unknown is always looming. Therefore, CALCULATED risk and proper education of the path you are towing are often the right mechanisms that determine your success.
_Success doesn't come easy. No startup has ever succeeded without first, passing through thick and thin. But when it comes to failing, our egos are our own worst enemies. As soon as things start going wrong, our defense mechanisms kick in, tempting us to do whatever we can to save our faces. You might stumble, fall and even worse, find it hard to rise up again. BE READY FOR IT!
_You get to face denials and rejections—friends who will abandon you, disappointments you will face and stumbling blocks you will encounter trying to recoup from your failure. One good thing about failure is that it shows you where you missed a step or two; it brings your fake friends out to the light and above all, it indirectly teaches you steps to implement towards bouncing back. In all, you need is a positive attitude so that, no matter what you encounter, you’ll be able to see the lessons of the experience and continue to push forward.
_We all have goals/targets we promised ourselves to accomplish/reach this year. Let's keep working towards it.
Happy New Month!

Those were the words from the young entrepreneur, Gerrad Chigozie.