See this 52 year old woman who claims to be a virgin

Thembisile Ntaka , a 52 year old South African woman, thinks she is probably the oldest virgin alive today and is very proud of herself.

According to the source, Ntaka made this revelation at the Social Cohesion, a conference where virgins and virginity testers discuss the importance of purity at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.
At the event which was organized by eThekwini Municipality, virginity tester, Zanele Shezi-Sishi, said it was important for women to look after themselves and keep their virginity for marriage.
Ntaka who was one of the guest speakers at the event said she was proud to remain a virgin at her age.
“Even at my age, I still go to Umkhosi wo Mhlanga, (a ceremony for virgins). I began this journey when I was 14-years-old.
I get a lot of people criticizing me for being a virgin and not having children. Some even tell me I will die a lonely woman. But that does not make me want to change my life."
Nkata who claimed she had never slept nor kissed a man all her life, added that she is one of the most respected women in her community in Botha’s Hill because of her status.
“I’m the last born at home. My eight siblings got married and left me with my brother’s two children. When I was young, I used to hear my brothers’ friends saying bad things about the girls they’d had sex with.
I decided then I didn’t want to be one of those girls. I am always the first to appear during virginity testing in my area.
I don’t care if I die without children or a husband. I’m happy with my life and so is my family.
Staying a virgin helps to avoid infections and disease.”

Ntaka is now said to be a role model for many South African women as the eThekwini Municipality has made her their virginity ambassador.
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