“Christianity is beginning to lean towards terrorism” – Daddy Freeze says after getting threatened over #HallelujahChallenge

OAP, Daddy Freeze has had his life threatened by an Instagram user following the former’s recent views on the online worship session tagged Hallelujah Challenge.

According to Freeze then, he was saddened at how the Challenge has been made into a ‘celebrity screenshot challenge and an unverified testimony challenge.’
Freeze also stated that Nathaniel Bassey, who leads the session, has laid claim to all good things that’s happened during the duration of the Challenge but ignored a number of bad incidents that have also happened in the time.
These comments led to the US-based Instagram user, engr_josh to come at Freeze in the most extreme way imaginable, threatening to kill him if God hasn’t already ‘terminated’ him in the next two months.

Their exchange earlier
As a result, Freeze has said the death threat is only proof that Christianity is leaning towards terrorism like the period during which ‘the dreadful ‘crusades’ took place.’
The OAP has also sought to find out the man’s exact location, urging for calm as the ‘issue will be resolved soon.’
Concerning Christianity and violence, he said, ‘Because I dared to raise valid questions about the motives behind your beloved challenge, I get a death threat from a scavenging vagrant.
‘This is not sad, it’s only proof that Christianity is beginning to lean towards terrorism, again, like it did during the earlier part of the 20th century, as well as the period during which the dreadful ‘crusades’ took place.
‘At this rate, no one can risk disagreeing with a screen munching doctrine, used for passive marketing, sold in the name of God, as the consequences are dire.
‘This notwithstanding, I stand firm in my teachings, and I will continue to lead people away from the destruction of mind altering doctrines.’
Freeze went on to post a photo of the man who threatened his life alongside that of a women that is supposedly in a relationship with him.
‘If this lady is really dating this evil josh, her parents need to be notified of the type of monster their child is allegedly dating,’ Freeze said.

He added, ‘Because no parent would want their precious daughter involved with a demented man threatening to kill children.’
See screenshot here