Joe Jackson Confirmed Ok After Car Accident in Las Vegas

 88 year old Joe Jackson, the father of Janet Jackson, the late Michael Jackson and the rest of the famous Jackson singers, was involved in a minor car crash Friday and was unharmed.

His assistant, however, broke his thumb and was treated at a hospital.
Joe was riding as a passenger in a black Jaguar in Las Vegas Friday when the driver T-boned a red SUV, TMZ reported, citing law enforcement sources. The outlet quoted witnesses as saying that Joe later walked into a nearby Panda Express and sat down, wincing in pain. He was later taken to a hospital in an ambulance, complaining of chest pains, TMZ said. The outlet posted a photo that appears to show Joe sitting on a gurney as well as pics of the damaged cars at the accident scene.
A Las Vegas Fire Department official confirmed to E! News that there was a minor T-bone accident involving a red vehicle and black vehicle and that one patient was transported to a hospital.
"Earlier today while in the Car with my assistant we got involved in an accident as they drove in front of us," read a post on Joe's official website. "I got out of it without a scratch. My assistant, however, had to be taken to the emergency because the airbag in the car broke his thumb. We are leaving and going back out to enjoy our lunch at home. All is well. Thank God."
Joe has been in and out of the hospital over the past few years due to health ailments.
In 2016, he was admitted to a medical center after suffering from a high fever.

In 2015, Joe was hospitalized during a trip to Brazil after suffering a stroke, one of several he had had in recent years, prompting Janet to take a break from rehearsing for a tour and rush to his side.