Currently the points are Cavaliers 31-37 Warriors, :46, 1st quarter
It is observed that Stephen Curry seems to have spent a lifetime on the free throw lines. He remains perfect after getting fouled by Deron Williams (hi Deron). Oh hey, Shaun Livingston gets into the scoring action, an alley-oop dunk assisted by Andre Iguodala.
Jefferson is still in the game and still has some offense left in him, getting a layup under the basket.

Cavaliers 27-31 Warriors, 1:30, 1st quarter

Curry draws a foul and makes two free throws.

Channing Frye, who is in the game, knocks down a jumper and the Warriors lead is just 4.
Cavaliers 27-31 Warriors, 2:20, 1st quarter

Richard Jefferson then makes a three and Curry throws the ball away. Not the best series of events for the Warriors and LeBron makes them pay, getting fouled on his way to the basket. He makes the layup and the free throw.
Cavaliers 21-31 Warriors, 3:19, 1st quarter

LeBron gets a shot off. Oh hey Richard Jefferson is in the game for Love… and he gets called for a foul that gives Curry three free throws. He makes them all.
Cavaliers 19-28 Warriors, 3:42, 1st quarter

Cavaliers needed this. Kyrie Irving with a three and Pachulia is called for a foul. He then gets replaced by JaVale McGee, doubly embarrassing.

Cavaliers 16-26 Warriors, 4:52, 1st quarter

Durant blocks Irving’s jumper, Curry grabs the rebound and Durant hits a three on the other end. A good start has unraveled here rather quickly.
Cavaliers 16-23 Warriors, 5:18, 1st quarter

Tristan Thompson misses a jumper, the Warriors recover, Green makes a three pointer. The home crowd starts to get loud.
Tristan Thompson dunks on the other end, that’s a good sign for Cleveland, but Zaza Pachulia makes a layup, Klay Thompson steals the ball from Kyre Irving and Curry scores.
That’s a series of increasingly bad signs for Cleveland, who take their first timeout.
Cavaliers 14-16 Warriors, 6:47, 1st quarter

Well that worked. Right out of the timeout, Draymond Green finds Steph Curry who drains a three. Welcome back Steve Kerr.
Cavaliers 14-13 Warriors, 7:47, 1st quarter

And Cleveland responds. Irving gets the ball to Kevin Love for a two-pointer. Durant re-ties it with a layup.
And Green turns it over, Klay Thompson fouls LeBron. I could go worse for Golden State, he his only one of his two free throws, but the Warriors call a timeout.
Yes, Golden State calls the first timeout of Game 2.

Cavaliers 11-11 Warriors, 9:06, 1st quarter

This is uh, not going to be a low-scoring affair it seems. Love makes another shot. Then Klay Thompson rebounds his own miss and scores, and then follows it up with a layup, AND he gets fouled and he ties it up on the free throw line.
Cavaliers 9-6 Warriors, 10:11, 1st quarter

LeBron and Love make back-to-back layups. That’s a solid offensive start for Cleveland but JR Smith fouls Steph Curry outside the three-point line and, oh yeah no doubt, he hits all three free throws.
Cavaliers 4-3 Warriors, 11:11, 1st quarter

And Draymond Green responds with a three pointer. On the other end, Kevin Love gets a shot off and gets fouled. He makes the free throw and Cleveland regains an early lead.
Opening tip

Cavaliers 2-0 Warriors, 11:22, 1st quarter

Warriors control the tip, but don’t convert. LeBron James lays it in for the first score of the game.
Carlos Santana just did an outstanding instrumental rendition of the national anthem, which is better than a vocal version like 99% of the time. And now the Warriors are going to be introduced and it’s uh... a tad more high energy.

Huge ovation for Steve Kerr. Nice to see Kerr well enough to be back on the court, he has gone through hell over the past few months dealing with back pain.
Cavaliers starters

They have to hope to get some actual points out of Thompson to have a shot tonight, one would think.

PG: Kyrie Irving
SG: JR Smith
SF: LeBron James
PF: Kevin Love
C: Tristan Thompson

Warriors starters
Not a lot of shockers here.

PG: Steph Curry
SG: Klay Thompson
SF: Kevin Durant
PF: Draymond Green
C: Zazu Pachulia
I’m going to say the Warriors win, in a much tighter game, but I’m not ready to fully give up on Cleveland. I’m going to throw in a bonus prediction here: the Cavaliers are going to win their first game at home. I can’t say that I’m 100% sold on them making this a series but they’re not going to be swept.
Although, assuming the Warriors do win Game 2, we’re going to have to think about the possibility of them sweeping through the postseason. If they do that, well, we’re going to have to start talking about them as potentially the best NBA team of all time. (Considering what LeBron James did last year, he would probably really, really, really like if we started up that discussion again.)
 And if it’s not unfair enough already for Cleveland, the Warriors have made a significant upgrade, with Steve Kerr replacing Mike Brown at the head coaching position. Now I’m rooting for the Warriors tonight just to avoid the “they should have kept Brown as head coach” takes.
Welcome to Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Okay, okay, I’ll start things off by admitting that Game 1 didn’t really ease the concerns of those who thought this series was a done deal. The Cavaliers looked completely overmatched by Kevin Durant & The Basketball Death Stars last game and it’s easy to imagine this not changing for the remainder of the series.
Arielle Retting of Guardian said:
Steve Kerr said he wouldn’t go into detail about his health issues but confirmed that he would be coaching, likely for the rest of the postseason.
“I’m feeling better. I’m feeling more like I did at the end of the regular season,” he said. “I wouldn’t be in this if I was thinking just one game and then – no, I’m in it for the rest of the way, and that’s the intention.”
“It’s always good to have your leader back, and I’m happy to see Steve Kerr back and healthy,” Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue said at a pre-game press conference.

Steve Kerr will coach the Warriors tonight
Arielle Retting
After sitting out for weeks with a back injury, head coach Steve Kerr will return to the floor to coach the Golden State Warriors tonight from the bench.

Kerr was at Oracle Arena for game 1 of the finals but wasn’t on the floor. Mike Brown has taken over coaching duties for most of the playoffs, but Kerr has been involved in the locker room and at practices, often watching game tape with the team.
Hunter will be here shortly, in the meantime here’s Les Carpenter’s thoughts on Game 1:

Fight or flight? Cavaliers must recommit themselves after failing to answer bell

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