Nigerian Government to Establish Schools for Married women

The Federal Government has announced its plan to establish special schools for women who abandoned school to get married, Minister of Women Affairs, Aisha Alhassan, has said.

“All women that married at an early age will have the opportunity to continue their education from their husband’s houses.
“The schools will be in two categories so as to avoid problems emanating from the establishment of the schools.
“The first category is for those who started their schooling but due to one reason or the other dropped out.
“The other category is for the Adult Literacy classes that will be established in all local governments to assist women to attain certain literacy level.
“In the Adult literacy schools, the women will also be empowered with skills training during their lessons.
“The women will be trained how to make soap, local soft drink, candle, pomade, cake, local hairdressing, tailoring and other small businesses.” the minister told newsmen on Thursday in Katsina.
Alhassan appealed to religious and traditional leaders to continue supporting ongoing efforts to boost the enrollment of the girl-child into schools nationwide.

She said that the education of female children was very important as such the leaders should encourage parents to send them to school.
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