Promise Excel, a Nigerian Blogger and Pod caster advices ladies on marriage issues [LADIES ONLY]

Promise Excel a Nigerian Entrepreneur and self-development Blogger and podcaster took to his facebook wall  to advice ladies who are living as "acting wives" out of wedlock.

Promise  said "Cooking and washing for a guy who is not yet your husband is the reason a lot of ladies are unmarried.
You can't expect him to enjoy the benefits of a husband and still bother to marry you.
The reason women end up with the guys they don't like is because they treat the "wrong guys" the way they should treat the "right guys" and vice-versa.
You don't cook for a guy you don't like, that's why he wants to put a ring on that finger.
You cook for a guy you like, that's why he's been dating you for 10 years without saying anything about marriage.
Hence, you/they always end up with that "boring" guy.
*Sips a shot of Vodka*
Ladies are you with me?
Shine your eye.
No let love turn you to house girl."
Ladies do you love his advice?
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