Profitable Business I can do with N50,000 in Nigeria this 2018

business in nigeria 2017

These are some profitable business you can do with N50,000 in a country like Nigeria that are very lucrative in 2017.
I am sharing with you some businesses many Nigerians said they can use N50,000 to support or start their business in Nigeria.

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What business can I do with 50000 naira?
“50,000 would really go a long way for me in getting a domain name/hosting, branding(logo) and Online Marketing which are the basics to enable me start, at least.. I firmly believe with the right SEO rankings and time, the blog would be self sufficient. Thanks.”
“With #50,000 We will be able to buy hybrid Cassava stem (TM 419) from IITA Ibadan and Maize seed to plant on our one acre land and multiply for sale after harvesting. The balance will also be used to continue design, get materials etc for our blog. “
Sincerely, the multiplier effect on the 50k will be overwhelming.
 “Thanks for this opportunity.. am a student geek that love programming. I learnt html,css and javascript all on my own.. these three languages are not enough to make me a professional web developer.. have been working endlessly to learn PHP all on my own but its just not working out for me... #50,000 is enough fund to pay for a PHP professional course here in Ibadan.. Please support my journey to be a word class developer and help me achieve my dream of affecting the tech world positively. THANK YOU”
what business can i start with 50000 naira?
 “As a student and highly skilled fashion designer, this money will go a long way in starting a fashion design brand of my own that supplies services to student in my school area.  have been working indoor for long and people are not aware of my brand. all tools are on ground.. #50,000 is enough to get me a good shop space within my school vicinity and get materials for production and also get a befitting logo and banner designed for my brand.. Thank you for this amazing opportunity..GOD BLESS”
Could this be the 21 lucrative businesses you can start with little or no capital?
“I am a student. I personally cultivate 3plots of land last year's planting season and harvested bountifully. This year, my school has given me the opportunity to use 2 acres of land to cultivate maize and cassava. hybrid maize take 2 and half months to be ready for market and i will get my quick return to continue funding my education and upkeep. #50,000 will go a long way in making this possible.. with your support i can make my dream for this planting season come true.. thanks a lot.”
 “Am a student, passionate about agriculture, i just got a hectre of land leased to me for farming. with #50,000 i'll be able to buy seeds and plant maize , cassava to make a profit of about #300,000 at the end. Thanks”

“I am a graduate of biochemistry and have love for livestock production. cat fish farming precisely and I have learnt it. The money will provide fingerlings, fertilizer, feed and a small smoking machine for smoking and packaging them to be sold in super markets  I already have an existing pond  and I have access to a borehole that provides clean water. marketing it is easy cause I have a ready market of hotels and bars around me, which sells cat fishes on a daily basis. Thanks”
 “Am Working on a website that will serve as WEB DESIGN online school where people will learn how to design a website from scratch using WordPress, No need of CODING experience  to learn, all you need is access to internet.  50K will not be enough but it will help the process. Lets take our youth out of the street by keeping them busy.”
“I presently run a Moin-moin business and with N50, 000, I will be able to purchase a bigger cooker, a big blender, a bigger pot, branded bags for delivery and 3 banners for awareness. I presently use my kitchen cooker and cooking pots and this sometimes slow me down. With this i will be able to reach a larger market. “
“I am Ojo Ebenezer. I'm into educational services. Tutoring and mentoring, basic ICT Training .My team and I do prepare students for any examination so as to achieve excellence result without malpractice .#50000 will go a long way for me to get more gadgets to aid teaching and improve the learning environment for student. Thanks”
 “My name is Akaninyene Paulinus Elijah, 28years old, a graduate of Theatre Arts and into eCommerce. Last week I went to make some transactions with my client at the banking layout in my State and I was hungry and thirsty, sadly we went around and couldn't find one place within the whole banking layout to either get a chill drink or good snack.  That's how I got a business idea.
I wish to open a snack Stand in that area, offering the same quality of snacks, fruits salad and drinks obtainable in the big eateries in town. Mind you, the distance from the banking layout to town is about 20 minutes drive, so surely they will prefer to buy from me.
 I have a deep freezer for drinks (which will be stored at my place and taken to the stand in the morning in coolers)
I will add my money to the remaining money for the purchase of drinks and fruits, and I also have someone to supply me with the snacks daily. Thank you”
“ I just passed out from service April 2017 and I registered my business name OMORUYI FARMS during the service year. I want to acquire a standard oil palm processing mill but do not have sufficient funds, so am going to create wealth with 50,000 by carrying out purchase of palm oil now that its cheap but to resale as price increases. This will get me thrice or four times my capital as the year approaches December since palmoil scarcity and subsequent increase in sales prices skyrockets during the dry season. Thank you for this opportunity.”
 “God bless your generous heart Sir, with N50,000, we can set up a less privileged woman on our project with a small business of establishing a daily source of income. The business involves setting up a noodles stand to prepare cooked noodles with eggs and other petty items for customers.
 This would greatly end the daily hunger the targeted recipient faces on a daily basis. Other little items will be provided by us

Budget summary for 50,000
Noodles/product 10,000
Table & chairs       7,000
Big Umbrella          5,000
Noodles                  12,000
Eggs                          6,000
Stove                         3,000
Petty Items               7,000”
 “I just completed my one year of national service. I am currently running a tailoring, handmade jewelry (beads and wire work jewelry) and makeup artistry business on a very small scale. Don’t even have a shop yet. 50000 naira will help me create the publicity my business needs. I would be able to print fliers, i would be able to purchase necks for displaying jewelry and make sample jewelry which I can take pictures of and post on my instagram page @victorian_ribbons and facebook page victorian ribbons. Because people want to see what i'm selling to them. Publicizing what i do is my biggest challenge at the moment. Once people know what i do, my services are already satisfactory. 50000 would go a long way. If there's anything left money, i could buy one or two makeup products with it. Thank you immensely for this opportunity!”
“I'm a Student And I have Fees to Pay before the Deadline On the 15th of May. Please this money Will Go a Long Way in Helping me . I have One Outstanding Session and I can't afford to have another Skipped Semester. Please Help Me ”
 “As an upcoming and skilled fashion designer currently working on starting an affordable ready-to-wear clothing line for women, part of the #50,000 will be used to get quality and affordable fabrics for production while the remaining will be invested in an online marketing business that will generate residual income which will be used to continually fund my clothing line till it breaks even. This will go a long way in achieving my goal of being that brand in fashion whose designs are owned by every woman! Thank you very much for this opportunity.”
 “I am a graduate of the University of Nigeria. I graduated in the year 2013. On the 9th of February 2017 I started a baking business. My products enjoy good patronage in my locality. But currently I don't produce enough to cover my customer base due to lack of certain equipments as I do lots of things manually. With 50,000 naira, I would get a mixer. A mixer will increase my productivity and as such, I will be able to employ 4 people within 2 months after purchase. With the new employees, we will produce much more and over time grow to employ more hands. “
“I'm Trust Ogundipe. I manufacture Building Paints with Trumi Paints as the brand name. It's a paint manufactured to cure damped walls. I'm @Trumi_paints on Twitter. N50,000 will register my brand name with CAC. Thanks”

I hope with these examples listed above by many Nigerians, you should be able to start a profitable or lucrative business in Nigeria with only N50,000 or less.
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