Yul Edochie advices women to respect their man even if he is wrong

Popular Nollywood star, Yul Edochie, has advised women to respect their husband “even if he doesn’t know what he is doing.”
Yul, the son of  Veteran Nollywood actor, Peter Edochie,  made this known via his Instagram page while expressing his view on domestic violence.

He wrote, “I have heard of issues of domestic violence a lot these days, and I am not in support of that, a man should not hit a woman, no matter what.
“But at the same time, women also have a very big role to play in making sure that these things don’t happen. That’s respect; respect your husband, no matter what.
“We are Africans; things are quite different around here. You should respect your husband, even if he doesn’t know what he is doing, respect him.”
Continuing, he said, “I was listening to a friend of mine yesterday, a lady; she said, ‘I was arguing with my husband and he told me to sit down and I also told him to sit too.
“‘He told me to shut up and I replied that he, too, should shut up.”
“I said did you really tell your husband that, she said yes.”               
He continued the story, quoting the lady friend, ‘Every time he comes back late at night, I told him, the next time you come late at night, I will lock the door and you will sleep outside.’
“I told her that you told your husband, a man who pays the bills, will sleep outside? My hand no dey o.”
He also made reference to his childhood experience with his parents saying,
“My father never hit my mum for one day, all the years I lived with them as a kid not because my father was a gentleman but my mum knows when to zip-up. My mum respects my father a lot.
“They had a lot of arguments which was very normal between couples, but I noticed something in the midst of their argument.

“Whenever my dad’s voice was up, my mum’s voice will go down and out and my dad will pick his keys and leave; but these days, the woman will block the man and say weak man, come here, coward, come here, we will settle this.”
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