Can you believe Bridget Marquardt Hasn't Seen Hugh Hefner in Years..Nah Nah

Bridget Marquardt is always welcome at the Playboy Mansion...or is she? Better know

Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend appeared on Australia's The Morning Show Monday, where she told co-hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies that she hasn't seen the magazine mogul in quite awhile. Marquardt remained in touch with the 91-year-old "for a while" after she left the mansion in 2009. "I was still going back to some of the parties. Occasionally, my boyfriend [Nick Carpenter] I would go back," she revealed. "I was still in touch with Hef—and then we kind of lost contact."
Hefner, who married Crystal Harris in 2012, has not commented on Marquardt's claims. "He told me there was always an open door, but I heard that that's not quite true lately," she said. "I called and tried to go to the mansion earlier this year...but I'm just getting the run around."
 (Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett, meanwhile, remains in close contact with their shared ex-lover.)
In Monday's interview with E, Marquardt also revealed that her multiple fertility treatments have failed. After trying to get pregnant naturally and via IVF, she and Carpenter thawed her eggs, which she had frozen nine years ago. "None of my eggs survived. It was devastating for me," she admitted. "All this time I thought I had an amazing insurance policy, but it didn't work out."
But Marquardt hasn't given up hope. "I thought I was doing the smart thing and the right thing, and I do still think it was," she told the two hosts (via satellite). "It just didn't work out for me."

Marquardt has been documenting her "infertility journey" in a series of YouTube videos.
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