Falz talks about his perfect woman, alter ego and fame [SEE NOW]

Popular rapper and comedian, Falz, is the cover star for Guardian Life Magazine.
The lawyer turned entertainer talks about his opinion on the Nigerian legal system, his dream girl, dealing with fame and his alter ego.

On his idea of the perfect girl,
"It has less to do with the looks and more to do with the personality. So intellectually sound, really smart, very ambitious with a great sense of humour and just really caring."
When asked how he deals with fame,
"It gets very hectic and stressful, sometimes you just want to be by yourself and have a quiet day but it’s not possible. You might run into fans and you’re not having a good day, but they need to take pictures and they need to hear you talk. If you are passionate about something or if you enjoy doing something you won’t get tired of it."

On how he developed his alter-ego,

"Initially it started off as just making fun of people and it was just something that suck and I found that I had developed a complete alter ego."