Harrisong Tells KCee “My success causes you running stomach”

Harrysong and KCee, the last has not been heard of the ongoing saga going on between former friends and partners..Oops!.
After months of denial and counter-denials by both parties, Harrysong finally walked away from his erstwhile label Five Star Music, owned by KCee and his brother E-Money.

KCee has made his good his threat of suing Harrysong to court by taking out an affidavit that seeks to ‘enforce his fundamental human rights’.
The Alterplate artiste fired back at KCee on Instagram, dismissing him as an enemy trying to hold him back by all means.
 ‘Even though you and I know you offended me, I listened to the voice of elders and apologized to you despite the oppression, yet my success causes you running stomach,’ he wrote.

Harrysong in the past has claimed that he was responsible for writing KCee’s hits which the latter denied when he was at NET for an interview saying ‘That you write a song in 10 minutes and I write mine in 30 minutes doesn’t make you better than me. You can write shit in 10 minutes and I can write a hit in one day’.
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