Here is How Nigeria can separate without firing a shot – Maye of Ife, Dr. Adedoyin

The Maye of Ife Kingdom, Dr (Chief) Ramon Adegoke Adedoyin, has explained how Nigeria can separate without fighting another civil war.

He also warned those talking about war that it won’t favour anyone at the end, adding that states in America separated without engaging themselves in war.
Adedoyin, who is the President, Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, Ile-Ife; the Polytechnic, Ife, among other educational institutions, told Vanguard that the situation is now getting out of hands and called on authorities to take quick action.
According to him, “Evil starts from somewhere, so we have to be very careful in Nigeria. Even those of us who were young during the period of Biafra, I remember clearly that they said we should dig holes and hide inside them to avoid being killed by fighter jets.
 “So, this issue of war being talked about, we have to be careful. If we want to break up, it must not be by war, and according to my own formula, we can break sensibly without shedding blood or firing one single shot.
“In the USA, states operate on their own and they have one central President. The driver’s licence of the state of Delaware is different from that of the state of Illinois and they operate separately. We can also be united as a country and every state, every region can operate on its own.
“The concept came because of the people agitating for a separate country such as Biafra. But that is not even enough, you know it has always been Biafra! Biafra!!Biafra!!! But look at the North, the northern people will be the last people to agitate for separation.

“This worries me because the general belief is that they don’t have anything in the North. So, if the North could now start talking about separation,then we have problems on our hands, if we don’t take quick and wise decision.”
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